ZAS! Antirumours Basque Network

Lourdes Fernández has participated in the project anti romours “DICEN QUE…” of SOS Racismo Gipuzkoa within the strategy of ZAS! Zurrumurruen Aurkako Sarea-Red Vasca Antirrumores.

Round Table
Dialogue Tables: “Cultural heritage with future”

Dialogue table organized by KM Kuñturenea, in the context of the exhibition All tomorrow´s libraries.

Interview with Lourdes Fernández on the television program “Keridos Monstruos”

Keridos Monstruos television program with the participation of Edurne Ormazabal and Lourdes Fernández.

Everything about Tabakalera in the first part and the trajectory of Lourdes and the details of the sculpture of Cristina Iglesias on the island in the second.

Round table “Collect art, a shared passion”

The two halls of Kutxa Fundazioa host exhibitions about two important collectors:

The collections of Marga Sánchez in Kubo-Kutxa and the collection of Lola Garrido in Artegunea.

Coinciding both collections in the halls of Kutxa Fundazioa, activities around collecting and patronage will be carried out this January:

COLLECT ART: A SHARED PASSION. January 10 at 7.00 p.m.

Round table directed by Lourdes Fernández in which the collectors Marga Sánchez and Lola Garrido will participate.