BBVA Zurich in Art Basel


At the initiative of BBVA Zurich, ARTINGENIUM created and coordinated an exclusive event during the world’s most prestigious fair: Art Basel in the Swiss city of Basilea.

During three years ARTINGENIUM has been accompanying a series of current or potential BBVA clients to journeys where clients were given an exclusive opportunity to come into contact and to invest in contemporary art.

Prior to the fair in Basilea, and during two days in Zurich, during the Art Weekend, we also organised exclusive visits to the galleries and unique collections.

Cristina Iglesias. Monotipo III. Variación 3, 2018. Galería Elba Benítez
Matthew Barney. In vain produced, all rays return, Evil will bless, and ice will burn, 2018. Two Palms
Art Basel. Pia Fries. Ohne Titel, 2018
Ángela de la Cruz. Concrete Canvas (Light Yellow), 2018. Galería Helga de Alvear