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Iberdrola launched its Luz y Vanguardias (Light and Avant-Garde Art) Festival in Salamanca in 2016. The event is staged each year in the city over a four-day period in June, combining audio-visual creation, video and sound installations.

Lourdes Fernández chaired the selection committee for the first two years of the festival. In 2016, participating artists included Anna BarriballCarlos IrijalbaDaniel Canogar and Edwin Van der Heide. Daniel Canogar and Edwin Van der Heide again exhibited pieces in 2017, alongside Rafael Lozano-HemmerFelicie d’Estienne d’Orves, and the Franco-Japanese group Nonotak.

Félicie Élicie d´Éstienne d´Orves Monolithe 2008
Edwin van der Heide