Artist´s Projects

ARTINGENIUM is coordinating the project currently being prepared by Cristina Iglesias in the interior of the lighthouse on the island of Santa Clara, off the city of Donostia/San Sebastian.

This will be her first sculpture in her native city, and one of her most important public creations and interventions.

La Casa del Faro [The Lighthouse] will be a space for reflection and communication. A large cast bronze vessel will contain an artistic recreation of the original seabed of the bay and surrounding coast. The water in the pool will flow in and out with the tide.

The project and artwork itself will be sustainable, maintaining a constant dialogue with nature. One of its primary goals is to raise awareness of the importance of preserving our seas and oceans. The piece demonstrates art’s capacity to transform places, and give voice to such important and topical challenges as sustainability and the need to protect the ocean.

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Lighthouse model
Lighthouse model
Lighthouse model